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I also have extensive knowledge in 360/VR/AR production along with Unity and Unreal. Here are some of the projects that I created or participated in creating.



Spent a week at Port of London capturing their work on the river and off it in 360 for PR and educational purposes. Final output was several episodes of 2D content, along with an interactive 360 choice driven experience in which the audience can see the consequences of their actions on the river.

Louvre Abu Dhabi - Hokusai VR

Worked with Fgreat studio in London and the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi to put visitors through a 360 CG exeperience of being in a Hokusai painting. The exhibit is live in the museum for visitors to experience.

Negotiator VR

Negotiator is a unique VR experience in which you take on the role of being a hostage negotiator. You are put in tense, time pressured situations and have to make quick, strategic decisions that can save or kill innocent people. It will be a feature length narrative inspired by 90s stylish action films such as Heat and Die Hard.

Alchemy VR

I helped set up and design some of the first experiences that Alchemy VR (part of Atlantic Productions) released. This included a VR experience of going down a tropical river on a leaf, exploring the flora and fauna, featuring David Attenborough.


Criminel is a 19th century noir thriller iOS game that I made with a small team of dedicated creatives. It tells the the story of the beginnings of CSI, all covered in a global conspiracy. The project was made with the support of the Wellcome Trust and released in conjunction with their exhibition on the history of forensic science.


4PM is an interactive drama game, in which you are put into the shoes of an alcoholic woman who is running away a past trauma. It takes place over a single day, with multiple endings that depend on your choices.

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